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Lucky scooters

Lucky has been a leading player on the pro scooter scene since 2008 when they started to make custom parts in a garage in Sammamish, Washington. They came to be known as a maker of high-quality aftermarket scooter parts, and  rapidly gained a loyal following. Soon after, they launched luckyscoot.com, and demand for high-quality scooter parts skyrocketed.

The next generation of Lucky represents a breakthrough in the industry. They are continuing to innovate, promote the sport, nurture riders, invest in the industry, and create future opportunities for our riders to find careers in the sport they love. They have a team full of top professional scooter riders, all masters of their craft and unique in their riding style. They constantly strive to push the boundaries on high-quality, freestyle scooters and hope to one day bring the sport to the masses so the world can appreciate our art form.